Sustainable Parenthood Bill – main points

  1. Definitions:
    a.Person – citizen or permanent resident.
    b.Subsidy – public money for education, health, payments & discounts related to a child.
    c.Subsidy Unit (SU) – half of the Subsidy to one child.
    d.Day – 10 months after this Bill becomes Law.
    e.Additional Child – one born after the Day to a Person who on the Day is a parent to 2 or more children.
  2. Subsidy to child born before the Day is not affected by this Law.
  3. Starting on the Day, a Person is entitled to SUs according to the number of children  he/she is a parent to on the Day:
    – parent to 0 children – entitled to 2 SUs;
    parent to 1 child – entitled to 1 SU;
    parent to 2 or more children – not entitled to SU.
  4. Additional Child will use 2 or 1 of his parents’ SUs, and these will be subtracted from parents’ balance. [E.g. 2 SUs of a single mother will be used for her first child if the 2-nd parent is unknown or has no SUs left].
  5. Parents must pay the government-controlled premium for Additional Child’s health insurance.
  6. Parents can buy education services for Additional Child, paying the government-controlled prices.
  7. Person can transfer his/her unused SUs to other Person.
  8. Means of family planning, including prevention and termination of pregnancy, are provided by the state for free.

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